• About the Art of Wa Ryu

    About three and half years ago, a religious painter visited my office on the introduction of Shigenobu Katakura, the chief priest of the Aoba Shinto shrine in Sendai whom I sincerely respect. The painter brought with him the art of Wa Ryu. The moment I looked at the art, I was fascinated by it. Wa means "harmony" in Japanese, and also is used as an ancient name for the country of Japan. Currently, it is also used as a symbolic word for "peace" . The reason I was intrigued is because the right portion of the Chinese character of Wa, which symbolizes "mouth", was designed as a dragon. Dragon is said to be the god of water in Japan. Thus, the art embodied the message; that in order to create peace, we need the cooperation of dragon, the god of water. Having twenty plus years of work in the research of water, I strongly believed that true peace would not come unless we understand and respect the true nature of water. The painter said spoke with me about his style of painting: "I draw what the god gives me as divine instruction." He is also instructed not to publicize his name and portrait if at all possible. Thus, I like to introduce him here as the artist T. When I first met him, I had an urge to show this amazingly powerful art to water and take a picture of its crystal. I asked him for consent, and he accepted. After one week, the photograph was done.

  • Photograph of the water crystal that was shown the Wa Art.