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  • Emoto Peace Love Bottle

    www.mylovebottle.com Send Love & Gratitude to your water! Beautiful Reusable Glass Water Bottles etched with Emoto’s Water Crystal, his signature in Japanese, and the Ho’opono pono Prayer -> “I am sorry - Please forgive me - Thank you - I love you”

    Love Bottle Co. Supports The Emoto Peace Project with the Emoto Peace Love Bottle & the development of MY HADO APP www.mylovebottle.com

  • Water Crystal Necklaces

    www.diegonebot.com New Water Crystal necklaces are now available. They look simple and beautiful! It is for sure that the water in your body will become positive and happy by wearing these necklaces.

  • Water Crystal Glasses

    www.watersongsonline.com The Water Crustals portrayed on the glassware are a translation of the vibration of the words, or emotions they represent. Thet are recognized by the water within you and in your glass.

  • Bezoya

    The water crystals that formed from this water is so beautiful. Watch Video Here.

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  • Hado Instructor School International

  • For more information on becoming a Hado Instructor, ordering water crystal photography, or any other inquiries, please fill out this form.

  • Please check back for Upcoming Events.. Arigatou!