• Author of over fifty Hado books, in 1999 he published his book, "Messages From Water" which has been released in Japan, Europe and the USA where it topped the NY Times Best Seller list for 6 weeks. Since his first book release, Dr. Masaru Emoto has successfully published over 3,000,000 copies in 46 countries and has given almost 1000 lectures in 75 countries.

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  • Cloud Clearing Game
    by Dr. Emoto

  • Driving about 50 km away from Sedona Arizona, Mr. 'N' the CEO who sat in the front seat of our rental car suddenly said, "Dr. Emoto, can you see that little cloud over there? Please watch it carefully, I am going to make it disappear". Mr. 'K', (another CEO) and I were watching the cloud with our doubts, but when 1 minute passed away, the cloud started to change its form, and it became smaller and smaller. Within 5 minutes it was completely gone. We asked Mr. 'N', "What! ...What is going on?" He said, "There is a book by Ms. Betty Shine called "Spiritual Healing" and she writes about directing your mind in a positive way by opening up your mind to heighten the energy of your mind. She talks about the vast unseen world, and how we can extract energy from an unlimited reservoir that is behind our current reality. Ms. Shine says that there is undeniably a clear connection with affirmative behavior and success / negative behavior and failure."

    Mr. 'N' continued speaking of the many ways to test and nourish this ability, and this 'Cloud Clearing Game' was one of them. Interestingly enough, if you do not doubt in any sense that this exercise will work, it always works. I have repeated this exercise many times, and I gained a title as the 'Clearing Cloud Man'. At one time I was very good at making clouds disappear. However, in the last 5 years I have been very busy, so I attempted this game after a long interval of time, and as I expected, the cloud did disappear.

    In a book that I published 10 years ago called 'Humanics of Hado', I wrote about the Clearing Cloud game that goes like this...

    Please visit this video link to see the game in action.

  • Four main tips for this game are:

    • Try not to do it so hard. If you are so uptight, the energy does not move well.
    • Imagine that there is a leaser beam of energy that is coming out from your mind right into the clouds, and light up parts of the cloud.
    • Say in the past tense that 'The cloud disappeared.'
    • At the same time, give thanks to the energy by saying 'Thank you' again in the past tense (for Japanese).